101 in 1001

Recently on Pinterest I saw a “bucket list” with more of a set time line then death. Not to be morbid, but I love a challenge. So, since today is my birthday I decided to start a new venture. It’s called 101 in 1001. A list of 101 things to accomplish and do in 1001 days. 1001 days from now is January 2nd, 2019. Since we will be living in Germany VERY SOON I can only hope that all these things will be achievable. I’ll underline them, for our purposes, out as I go & the especially fun ones will get their own blog post. 


1. Legally buy myself an alcoholic drink 🍷

2. Learn German

3. See the northern lights in Norway or Sweden 

4. See the Berlin Wall

5. Go to a real Octoberfest in Germany 

6. Eat chocolate in Belgium 

7. Visit Copenhagen, Denmark

8. Go to an European ikea 

9. Stay in the Katikies hotel in Greece 

10. See the sunset in Santorini 

11. See the Eiffel Tower 

12. See the countryside of France 

13. Drink tea and eat scones in England 

14. See Big Ben 

15. Stay the night in a castle

16. Go to Ireland 

17. Visit Prague, Czech Republic 

18. Visit Vienna, Prague

19. See the Viaden castle in Luxembourg 

20. See the alps, Switzerland 

21. Visit Amsterdam, Netherlands 

22. Drive on the underwater road

23. See isle in the sky, Scotland 

24. Visit Barcelona, Spain 

25. See the Vatican 

26. Visit Pisa, Italy

27. Go on a romantic gondola ride in Venice, Italy 

28. Visit Monaco 

29. See the colorful city in Poland 

30. Eat a macaroon anywhere in France 

31. Visit as many places as possible

32. See as many castles as possible

33. Drink wine in Italy 

34. Go to a Christmas market

35. Go on a cruise 

36. Get pregnant

37. Have a baby

38. Visit a rose garden

39. Go to Disneyland Paris 

40. Go in a hot air balloon 

41. Sell something I’ve made

42. Make homemade lemon poppyseed muffins

43. Watch all the Harry Potter movies

44. Watch all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies

45. Watch all lord of the rings movies

46. Get a job I love

47. Dye my hair an unnatural color

48. Grow my hair long

49. Snowboard (on the alps maybe)

50. Finish 1 of the hundred books I start

51. Ride on a train

52. Build a snowman

53. Go to a renaissance festival

54. Ride on a boat

55. Go snorkeling

56. Buy a second vehicle

57. Do bikram yoga

58. Dance in the rain

59. Join a crossfit 

60. Make my own pasta

61. Get my nose pierced 

62. Get another tattoo

63. Cross the tunnel of love in Ukraine

64. Swim in the blue grotto of Capri

65. Sit on the edge of priekistolen in Norway 

66. Soak in the hot pools in Iceland 

67. Watch the guards change at the queens castle

68. See the pope in person

69. See the fairy pools in Scotland 

70. Make a wish in the Trevi fountain in Italy 

71. Go to the Guinness brewery in Dublin, Ireland

72. Go to a nude beach on the French riviera 

73. Ride (possibly buy) a Vespa 

74. Visit the Louvre

75. Make a new friend

76. Get over 1000 views on my blog

77. Collaborate with another blogger

78. Take a cheesy picture at the leaning tower of Pisa 

79. Drive on the autobahn

80. Study abroad

81. Visit a holocaust museum

82. Go on a picnic (my mom made me an adorable basket)

83. Walk on cobblestone

84. Dance in the kitchen

85. Get sunburnt (thinking realistically) on the pink beach of Budelli, Italy

86. Actually use (one of my three) my Twitter accounts

87. Sleep under the stars

88. Do a boudoir photo shoot

89. Send a postcard

90. Make a YouTube video

91. Make a center piece using only things found outdoors

92. Go to a day spa

93. Get a purse from Kate spade

94. Kiss Ky in the rain

95. Sew a pillow 

96. Try being vegetarian 

97. Live in Germany

98. Ride a bike through town

99. Make a phone call from a red booth in London 

100. Lose some weight

101. Do more charitable work