Mad without a Cause

Have you ever been mad at your significant other ? Just mad for no reason at all. Mad because they smiled too crooked or breathed in your direction or just existed. Sounds crazy but anyone whose lived with anyone will know the feeling. Well today was one of those days for me. Why was I mad? I have absolutely no idea. But does that stop me from acting angry? Absolutely not. However today he wasn’t taking it. Sometimes they just apologize and buy you flowers maybe or cook you dinner or something sweet. But my husband, bless his heart, wasn’t having it today. He knew he hadn’t done anything short of existing to make me mad so he picked me up, threw me over his shoulder and carried me into the bathroom. Still in tow, he flips on the hot water, pulls the pin that makes the bathtub a shower & proceeds to step into it. Keep in mind my husband is 6’2 (6’3″ on a good day) and the clearance of our apartment doors are 7′ at the highest (thankfully) so with me in protest on his shoulder I should’ve been more situationally aware that I wasn’t wacking into the ceiling but instead I’m kicking and flailing my limbs rather unpleasantly. Still fully clothed & still with his phone in his pocket he put us in the shower and I finally realized this is exactly what I needed. A literal wake up call, even though it’s like 4 in the afternoon. I look up smiling at him and laughing because it’s probably one of the most thought through sweetest things he’s done, especially while I’m the drama queen I am. He looks at me and says “hope you don’t need to wear that again” & happily I say, “I guess that’s why we have a dryer.”


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