Pizza & chill??

More often then not I find myself looking up cute things on Pinterest, sometimes I actually do those cute things. Today is one of those days. It’s Friday and I don’t feel like going out, not sure if I’m just feeling lazy or what but I decided Kyle should go pick us up some pizza. 

He does like an angel because lord knows he doesn’t mess around with his pizza. As soon as he leaves the front door it dawns on me that I should be spontaneous and fun. Two things I’m better at thinking about them actually doing I’m sure. Which seems ironic because that isn’t what fun and spontaneous people do- think about it. Anyway, I decide to make a blanket fort. So just like that I race to the clean sheets and pillow aplenty, grab some bar stools and rope and I’m setting up the living room. What I did not take into consideration before littering the living room with otherwise nonessential living room items is that an open floor plan does not make for the best forts. It’s like I’m actually in the forest except I’m in the middle of suburbia. This is where the rope we originally bought for floating down the river comes to the most importance. I tie the rope with Boy Scout like manner to the curtain rod that’s only other job is to shield the glare off my TV and then the other end clear across my living room and into my kitchen to the cabinets above the refrigerator (I finally found a use for them), while finishing the final knot I notice my bulldog, Biscotti, courageous as he is, waiting under me should I fall and then look across the room to my littler rat terrier, Kona Berry. I imagine she already assumes my clumsiness will surely orphan her because she is vibrating with cartoon like movement. Thankfully I did not fall and am ready for phase two: blankets. 

Can’t have a blanket fort without blankets. But geez Louis are they deceivingly heavy! Don’t know if it’s the 400 thread count or what but they for the life of me won’t attach to the wall nor will they, stay up around the TV. 

Finally, after much sweat and fear on Konas part, I get everything situated. I have the spare mattress from the guest room, two unstable (but fingers crossed they don’t fall on us)bar stools, stacked on which with ottomans to support the heavy blankets, pillows and literally blankets for days: blankets to lay on, blankets to put over us & blankets to obviously form the fort. I am ready all that’s missing is Kyle. 

Surprisingly enough I have all this done before Kyle can get down the street and come back with preordered pizza. Go figure. But when he does return it’s glorious! Man, the look on his face makes all of the effort worth it. He was so surprised! We put in a movie (or ten) and spent the ENTIRE weekend in our blanket fort eating pizza, popcorn & coffee.  


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