Caramel Apples 🍏 & Caramel Mocha Candy Bars

Autumn time means doing autumn like things so of course we had to do some caramel apples. We bought the mix at the grocery store and 6 Granny Smith apples followed the directions and botto-bing botto-boom we had dessert for dayyyss. To spice things up a bit we decided to make apple balls- bite sized caramel apples covered in milk chocolate chips, toffee bits & sometimes even sprinkles. 

To make things easier we used a metal scoop to carved up two of the apples- it made about 14 pops. I wish I had made more of the ball sized because they are so convenience to eat and have a perfect topping to caramel to apple ratio. 

Because there is only two of us it seemed a little outrageous to make all ten of the apples the caramel mix said it could cover so with the left over caramel we mixed in the remaining toppings (toffee and milk chocolate) & coconut on top & poured it over a precooked graham cracker crust and now have homemade candy bars as well. They taste a lot like fudge on crust and delicious, so very delicious. 



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