Easy as Pie

  Did you get voulentold to bring dessert at your next family or work event? Maybe it was a school bake sale? Or maybe like me you choose to bring the desserts because sweets are your thing.. Well do I have the recipe for you. Apple pie is one of the best most American desserts to serve during the holidays. Well Apple pie just got a whole lot easier. Three simple ingredients-

2 cans Apple pie filling (20 oz)

2 sticks of butter 

1 spice cake mix

So, I lied maybe you need five items 😉

& one crockpot- nothing fancy

Layer the filling then mix then softened but not melted butter on top crank that crockpot up to high and time it for 2 hours and 30 minutes. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream, if your into that kinda thing. Trust me your house will smell amazing and you can’t get an easier homemade dessert. 


before & during




want some scotti??



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