iSpy Ms. Doubtfire’s Tsunami 

image imageEvery once in a while it’s nice to change things up. It’d been far over a year of everything in our open concept living room being the same way when I decided to move my world upside down. Without warning my husband came home to everything I could humanly move on my own in a different place. It was hard to do considering the open concept and the narrowish area I had to work with but it was liberating. I mean the things you find after a good cleaning and ripping the couch apart session. I know I’m not the only one that finds all sorts of goodies cause I swear I’m not a slob nor was I raised in a barn, ask my mother. But don’t ask my father because growing up he swore a tsunami would hit my bed room when in actually I just could decide what to wear that particular day. Girls will know the struggle is really real. I’m not exactly OCD in the cleaning department either but that’s not the point. I went Ms. Doubtfire style on my living room,{}

I’ll spare the hairy details but there was definitely singing and vacuum spinning involved. Had to literally lock my dogs up because they thought it was killing me, although anything with wheels often gives them that impression. I found a bounty of things, admittedly not enough to open my own bohemian second hand store or make my own iSpy book but perhaps that’s a good thing.

Among my bounty was 7 orphaned socks (I could be exaggerating)

1 2014 Christmas card stamped and everything (need to call my cousins and let them know I didn’t forget about them)

4 pennies (yay)

1 screw (hazard avoided)

Sand (don’t ask how it got there cause I have yet to figure that out)

2 balls (Biscotti previously thought they had been literally swallowed into thin air)

Now that everything is spiffed up I’m all ready for the Christmas tree, which if I have anything to do with it, will go up before (I know God forbid) Thanksgiving. Cue the gasping. imageimage


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