Post-Thanksgiving Thankfulness

I hope everyone had a blessed and amazing thanksgiving day, I just wanted to take some time to write what my family is thankful for. About a week before turkey day as we were packing our things to head back to the Grand Canyon state for the holiday, my husband received an email on his phone while eating dinner. My friend Alex was helping me pack and by that I mean we were drinking wine and watching pretty little liars when Kyle came racing out to us and handed me his phone. I read the first line and all but jumped with joy like a reflex. We got orders! In the military it’s called a “PCS” permanate change of station which means we are moving! I cannot even begin to describe how great of news this is to us! God bless San Antonio but it is really, really not the place for us and I could go on and on with the pros and cons of the lone star state with you but I won’t. I really don’t mean any disrespect but let me just say, we are excited! Now at first we did not know where we were going to. The email was very vague. So, since we were leaving before Kyle was due back at work, he put on his slippers and went to work to find out and do the basic processing and I don’t know what else. Now at this point Alex is already crying. Alex, if your reading this I’m sorry but it’s like the best part of the story. She fills up her wine glass to the top and just starts saying how I can’t leave her, she’ll miss me so much ect. We wait for what seems like forever before Kyle comes in. I can see right away that he is happy but trying to hide it. Being the mean person he is he try’s to bluff but his poker face is not quite up to par with my ability to see right through him, in the most endearing way possible, of course. He hands me the paper and I’m freaking out, “where do I look? What am I supposed to read?” He points and I immediately jump into his arms, Alex simultaneously punched him and Kyle and I fall back into the refrigerator together. So happy that we didn’t even think about how much it hurt. Germany. The paper said Germany. We would be starting our new life together in the late spring of 2016. Might I add, that’s when my birthday is.Β Alex is very unhappy with this news and about six wine glasses later she is crying of course and telling me how happy she is for us and how deserving we are but also how she isn’t ready for this and how we needed more time together and some of the most off the wall things I didn’t see coming, my personal favorite being:

We took the holiday to tell everyone we possibly could tell in person, mostly our parents and grandparents and other extended family. We should’ve maybe led with that we were moving and not the vague “we have big news, please meet up with us” because everyone and I mean EVERYONE thought I was pregnant. Which will be big news some day but not at this moment. At least, I know when I tell them how they’ll react because mostly everyone was disappointed when I said I wasn’t.


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