Darth Santa

Have you ever done something all for nothing? Not intentionally, Kyle and I spent our whole Saturday waiting in line to see “Dark Santa” which in all actuality was a sweaty bald guy in a Darth Vader costume with a over sized stocking on his head and an almost dead light saber and it was all for nothing. We had the joyous pleasure of standing in front of a very loud and very rowdy and completely wasted couple. Yelling and haggling the security guard, a term I loosely apply to her. Listening to crying kids, we kept asking ourselves what we were doing there. Wondering how long is too long to wait and if we left under an hour would it really be that bad to wait and see. Safe to say next time we can just cut out loses. Three plus hours and ten dollars later we had a not so perfect Christmas picture with Dark Santa but I’m really only complaining because my feet really hurt. The picture was okay, we were starving and went to get lunchner (lunch-dinner) at Denny’s. It was raining and we didn’t have a frame or anything to keep the picture protected and since I didn’t want it to get ruined in my purse I just held onto it. When we were on our way home we stopped at the mailboxes and Kyle handed me the catalogs, I looked through them and on the way up to protect the picture from the rain I stuck it into the middle of the Kohls catalog. At the time it didn’t seem like a big deal, it just seemed like the best solution. Seemed like it at the time anyway. My husband the helpful man he is decided on Sunday night that he would clear out the mail and catalogs on the kitchen island, which included the Kohls catalog. He didn’t realize that I had stuck the picture in there and threw it away! I didn’t think anything of it until today when I saw other Christmas cards and started looking for it to no avail. So, three hours, sore feet, ten bucks and a headache later we have absolutely wasted a Saturday with nothing to show for it except for what my husband says is “a good story”. Such a good story in fact that I almost left out the best part- my husband to cheer me up actually came home from work without hesitation grabbed a knife out of the drawer, looked at our trash bags under the sink, went down the stairs, mission oriented as if he were Bilbo on a quest to find the ring. Clumsily yet ninja like hopped into the dumpster, pulls out said knife and starts cutting open bags with the same trash ties and pulling everything out. None of those bags were ours, no catalogs were found and now we surely have nothing left but a good story. 


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