Last Christmas-

As we finish yet another Christmas as mister & misses, we reflect on the Christmas’ before and the years that past to look back on how much everything has changed. This time last year we decided to do an east coast road trip. We flew into Connecticut, took a taxi into Vermont and stayed at a ski resort for a couple days, while there we literally almost died of boredom (not much to Vermont) and being the holiday season it seemed as if everything was closed, including everything at the “all inclusive resort” so joke was on us, we had a brick for a bed and microwave dollar store food for meals and the oldest selection (not old as in retro or glory day films but just old) of DVDs to rent from the front desk. The longest four or five days of our lives. We then rented a car to drive through New Hampshire and down into Massachusetts.


The ski slopes in Vermont


Boston harbor

It was so beautiful, ice and snow everywhere. Cold crisp air & large emptied trees. We stayed in Boston for a few more days. We hit all the hot spots, the cheers bar downtown, Fenway park, Boston harbor and the Christmas markets. It was so much fun I wish we were there the whole time rather then Vermont. We had endless amounts of things to do. We took a day and drove up to Salem and visited the witch trial museums; which was so much more interesting then you read about in textbooks. Finally, we drove the last haul into New York City. Seeing along the way, Rhode Island & more of Connecticut.

Finally, we spent the most glorious of days in the city. It was everything I wanted and more. I had been bore but it was Kyles first time. We went everywhere and took it all in as much as we could, walked thousands of steps and at least a hundred miles. The cherry on top was ice skating in Rockefeller rink on Christmas Day.


By the Rockefeller tree


The view from Empire State Building 


Rockefeller Rink

imageI wish we could do it all again. This year we spent in San Antonio, it was actually the first time in the three years we’ve lived here that we actually celebrated in the city. My family came and we did all the traditional things that families do, we made cookies and watched the grinch. We saw the lights in Santas’ ranch and at the riverwalk. It’s crazy to think that it’s the first and the last time we will celebrate in San Antonio, as we will be in Germany next year. Yet, I can’t wait to see where this amazing journey takes us.


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