With the new year starting tomorrow I’ve been seeing a lot of New Years resolutions and people saying to be more realistic and choose things that will actually happen ect. But is it really such a bad thing to want to better ones self? I know that some resolutions don’t come true but it isn’t because it’s impossible per say, it’s because people don’t want the change bad enough to do anything about it. It’s easier just to stay the way we are, it’s easier to not ever work out, stay in debt and to stay at the same old job, same old house and have the same old life. Now I’m no where near a motivational speaker but, I haven’t had the easiest of lives so I know that change is hard and doesn’t come to those who wait. That six letter word is intimidating no matter if you’re talking about it on New Year’s Day or any other day of the year. It’s crazy to think that day to day it doesn’t seem like anything changes but you look back on how things were and how you were at the beginning of the year and everything feels different. With that being said, fast foreword to New Year’s Eve 2016, do you honestly want to be in the exactly same place you are right now?

Personally, I don’t. I’ve come along way and I’m not the same person I was in cosmetology school last year nor the person I was in high school and if you had known me in middle school you wouldn’t believe how far I’ve come since then. It isn’t that I’ve even changed so much as it’s just that I’ve grown. I grew up and just because I’m out in the adult world now doesn’t mean there isn’t still room to fix myself into a better person and a better wife, friend and daughter.

Next year I don’t know where we’ll be. I know we’ll be in Germany but the rest is pretty much up to my imagination and that’s mostly made out of pictures I’ve seen on the Internet. It’s exciting to think I could reinvent myself. Be who I want to be and everything I want to be and in Tim McGraw’s words “be a friend, a friend would like to have.” I’d also like to be more organized, read all the books I buy and stop stressing out about moving across the pond, because man is that stressful.

I’m not saying you have to be over ambitious and self loathing to the person you are today, I’m not saying that at all. Just be open to growing into a little bit better version of yourself.


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