Best of Texas Series: Part 1- Pros & Cons of Living in San Antonio 

I figured with our soon departure now in the double digits, I would reflect on everything San Antonio, Texas. So, here is my newest series to sum up everything we’ve learned from three years time and many, many adventures!

Here are some stats on the great SA:

Founded in 1718

Population as of 2002: 1.592 Million

The city is 407.6 square miles

Adverse temperature annually: 68.6°F

About 701 ft above ground level
Stats are from:


San Antonio was not my first choice to move to by far, but love conquers all. Am I right? Things are what you make of them and we decided that things would be great. So, here are six things we love about it here.

1. A new appreciation of frozen yogurt- there are literally froyo shops on every corner and because it is an eternal summer here (think the anti-frozen movie) froyo always sounds like a winning pass time. Even in January.

2. There is always something to do. It’s literally difficult to be bored. Sea world, six flags, trampoline parks, endless amounts of stores and restaurants, there’s always something to do.

3. Variety- I’m from a small town where there isn’t much to begin with and there definitely isn’t duplicates. Here you can choose from anything- restaurants, fast food, froyo, and more and there’s more than one location and more then one take on types of the menu. Fried chicken for example: there’s different places to get it, not just KFC, also chik-fil-a, church’s chicken, raising canes, Popeyes and so on. Each place also has there own types of take on fried chicken. So many choices, you get it.

4. Job market- if you need one, they got them.

5. Culture- Tex- Mex is the best Mex. they gave me a whole new appreciation of breakfast tacos. So. Many. Tacos.

6. Country music- this one is for me personally, since moving here I have a new found appreciation for country music.


Undeniably, everywhere has some negatives. Here are a few.

1. Traffic- it takes forever to get anywhere during any time of day, pretty much. It takes at least an hour to get about 10 miles.

2. Walkability- or lack there of. wanna beat traffic? Well, you can’t walk it off. All those great things I talked about? You can’t walk to each one, they’re all spread out and you have to drive to each one.

3. Hot, hot, hot- don’t like the heat? Stay out of San Antonio. I love winter but I will never see any of that here. No four seasons here. Not to mention the humidity. It’s hard to do right by your hair during the summer.


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