Best of Texas Series: Part 3- Capitol City

One of the best parts of living in San Antonio is the proximity to Austin area. It’s by far our favorite day trip to go on and our favorite city in TX. There are so many things to do here so we are gonna share our favorites!

We were walking up and down the city streets, which is so easy to do in Austin and we were starving all the sudden. We found this place by accident, we were immediately attracted to the graffiti typography on the side of the building and definitely didn’t regret our decision and go back now every time we are in town, so if your in the city you have to stop at Frank. They have the most creative menu I’ve seen by far, I recommend the salted caramel milkshake and the Reuben waffle fries, that’s right they put everything you’d see on a Reuben on waffle fries and it’s the best thing ever.
If your walking around and want to know more about the great Capitol, what better way then to tour the Capitol building. It’s free to go in and walk around, first thing you’ll see are the beautiful vaulted ceilings and as you walk towards the center you’ll see five stories up and it will literally take your breath away. Most all the rooms are open to view and people were nothing but helpful with answering any questions you may have. They also have full fledge guided tours if your into that kinda thing.


its even more impresive in person


To feel more like a local and grab your self some culture, check out the graffiti park. This is no ordinary park. It’s so awesome! I mean that in the true sense of the word. Local artists have this structure on the side of the hill (wear your walking shoes, it’s steep!) that’s designated for art. Which is the most amazing thing to see, when we went we got to see a lot of artists mid painting and see them transforming walls into so much more. This is no ordinary graffiti, there’s some tags but also a lot of designs as well. As far as we can tell it’s always transforming, not somewhere that will ever get boring to come back to.


If your feeling a little adventurous, riding a bike is the perfect way to see the city all the while feeling the wind in your hair literally. They have pay by the time bike racks all over the city. We chose to stop on the outer brim of Lady Bird Lake, which is an amazing place to picnic as well. Parked our car for less then $2 an hour which is a real steal compared to San Antonio; walk over to the racks and paid about $8 for the first 30 minutes and then it’s $4 for every hour there after per bike. We only drove around for about 30 minutes and were absolutely hungry but it would’ve been easy to keep going. The air is SO fresh and crisp and the view is so relaxing. We went over the bridge, through several parks, which included an off leash dog park, all around the side of the lake. You could do this all through the city because you don’t have to return the bike to the same rack you got it from. An wonderful way to tour an unknown or known city.

I hope this helps with all your endeavors for wherever life takes you, hopefully they take you to Austin but even if they don’t…

Rachel XO


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