Overseas Update

As I may have reiterated before, we will soon be moving to Germany. Which has had its own set of stressful check lists. So far, we have had a number of things to do just to get the magical orders that are basically a ticket you have to show to schedule things and cancel leases ect.

One thing that has been the most stressful is getting our dogs ready to go overseas. They are our family as much as a child would be so making sure we do everything right to get them over there is priority number one. We took them to get a fifteen digit microchip, which didn’t go over well for Biscotti. If you are of a light stomach you probably shouldn’t keep reading. He was so terrified of the vet he actually released his anal sacs all over the vet tech. Which wasn’t funny at the time but looking back at it, his funny wrinkly face with his ear pushed back, the disapproving look we got from the tech whose pants would now perpetually stink of rotten tuna fish sandwiches, it is all kind of funny now. Now that its done, we will follow up in 28 days with a round of vaccines, most importantly rabies vaccine. Then, we need a certified stamp and health certificate saying they’re okay to travel, all with in 10 days before we are set to fly out. All of that is for not if the temperature for either the departure city or the arrival city is over 85 degrees. Its crazy stressful to think that we could do everything right and it could all be for nothing if mother nature is feeling hot that day.


On a happy note, I have been medically cleared. I didn’t think there would’ve been any reason to not clear me but after the meeting I had to go to in a sub zero conference room with doctors who I have found to give me what they call “white coat syndrome” even though the military doctors don’t wear white coats at all, they give me the worst anxiety and highest blood pressure, for no reasonable explanation, I just had some serious doubts.

Lastly, before we can get orders, Kyle has to pass a German drivers course. I will have to pass it too if I want to drive in Germany; which of course I do. But, only he has to pass for us to start the transition to move over there.

Besides that we still have a handful of things to do, send our car over, schedule movers, get leisure passports, learn German, buy the dogs kennels, you get the idea.





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