Tips for getting through a big move in one piece {of mind}

Moving at all to any new place is stressful in and of itself, now add in an ocean between the departure and arrival locations and you have a perfect storm. Don’t mistake my stress for ungratefulness, because believe me I know how lucky I am to be basically paid to move to another country, its always been a dream of mine to live in Europe after all, but just because it’s a dream doesn’t mean it comes easy or without stress.

My holy grail for navigating through the stress and staying level headed can be divided into three categories: mind, body and soul. before you stop reading and dismiss me as a quack just bear with me.

Mind: The key to not loosing your shit, is to write everything down. I have found this to loosen the knots in my shoulders. Write down everything, even things that don’t seem important because you’ll notice half the things you are freaking out about have easy solutions. once you write them out you can cross them off your checklist, the physical one in front of you and mentally, you can remind yourself that it isn’t worth the headache.

  1. make lists. of everything.
  2. schedule everything you possibly can, and if you can’t schedule something write down when you need to have it scheduled by.
  3. basically, a timeline of when to do stuff and when to remember to do more stuff.

for example: the car will have to be sent four to six weeks before we leave in order to arrive at the same time, so I have bought a calendar explicitly for keeping track of our move and I went to our estimated departure date and counted backwards six weeks and four weeks and marked the margin of time. Then, I marked weeks before that to remind me to start arranging it to be sent so that everything will fall in line in time for us to go. I did that with everything i could possibly think of, passports, dogs vaccines/chips, everything.

once you have everything written down you won’t have such a bad headache and hopefully you’ll stop breaking out like a preteen in puburty (speaking from experience here, this move has been awful to my complexion)

Body: during a move, it is and has been so easy to forget about really taking care of yourself because everything else becomes priority number one. Pampering yourself can ease your worries and pimply, red skin. I put time aside for myself to do thing that can easily not be considered important and take a back seat to everything else. Everyone relaxes differently, personally I like to take the occasional bubble bath, paint my nails, wax my own eyebrows ( I might make a tutorial on that later), and give myself facials. The facial packets at Target are a buck or two a piece and work like a damn charm.


Soul: This can be totally up to you, the goal here is to get your mind off the packing, the logistics, the scheduling and totally immerse yourself in something to ease your spirit. For me, I love to read and watch comedy shows. Most of my reading right now is John Green but I also love Mitch Albom and Michael Connely. For TV comedies, I would recommend Parks and Recreation if you haven’t watched it yet, or New Girl is always a good choice.


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