Overseas Update: Part 3

Many firsts and lasts in April, you could say its a pretty big month for us. My first legal drink, our last month in our first apartment. Our first trip to the Southeast coast, our last month in the U.S. Our first PCS, our last chance to take in Texas. Our first time seeing another country… you get the point.

I’m so overwhelmed. Just as I was about to get my sh** together and started feeling comfortable about the whole move, we find out that our bulldog is hard to ship overseas then we first imagine. I found a good and well reputed airline, known for their safety and care of animals. So, I’m starting to feel confident when more research and previously overlooked (by me) information comes to light- these airlines don’t allow brachycephalic dogs.

Brachycephalic means short headed, nearly as broad from side to side a it is from front to back. If you google image this term associated with dogs, I guarantee you’ll see an array of pugs and majorilly bulldogs of all descendants.

Come to find out, no american owned airlines that also flies to Germany allow these snubbed nosed dogs and lucky for me the military only pays american owned airlines to transport US service members. I hope you could read my sarcasm loud and clear. So, we are in quite the conundrum. I can’t even begin to describe the anxiety I feel.

Biscotti Hilo is a huge part of our family and theres no part of me that thinks we could leave him behind. So, I’m spending countless hours researching and calling people to find a solution. My problem is even if I find a solution to getting him on the plane he could still die in transport which also doesn’t sit well with me. He is healthy, he’s almost completely muscle, eats healthier food then I do and has no issues whatsoever. That makes me confident that he would do fine but I couldn’t live with myself if anything happened to my almost three year old pup.

This post was supposed to be a happy one because besides all that, I actually had/have good news. We got my VISA approved and got both our passports in the mail. We’ve scheduled the movers. My dad gave me a couple new suitcases and I received some cute cases to hide my valuables in. I’ve organized all my closets with the help of my mom and brother which makes moving a little easier.

Also, we are all set to take our trip to Florida for my 21st birthday. But, I will admit that I find the idea of relaxing a little awful when I can’t sleep right now at the thought of not knowing how everything with Biscotti is going to pan out. We are going to the office on base first thing Monday to see what they can tell us.



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