Overseas Update: Part 4

This has by far been the most stressful month of my life thus far. I have peaked the acne and loss of sleep phase and made it all the way to the physically ill phase of stress and could be potentially on my way to the pull your hair out phase, but I REALLY like my hair so I’m trying to keep my sanity or whats left of it at this point.

Since my last post, we have come to some serious decisions in the dog department. Overall, we had to make plans for every circumstance regarding them. We made a total of three plans and bounced between them every other day, because wouldn’t you know something new would come up.


Our date for departure has been pushed back but we still managed to schedule or reschedule rather our movers and packers, our plane tickets, and plan a trip to Arizona (long story continued below).


After finding that so many airlines don’t allow bulldogs, and by so many I mean all of them have an embargo except for one german airline, I decided to do my own research. I figured that they would put an embargo unless they have a good reason. It is hard to find the actual numbers because airlines don’t like to draw attention  to the number of animal deaths on their planes, I can’t imagine it would entice anyone to fly with them, but I read numerous articles from various publishers and various statistics and it doesn’t look good. Over half of all dog deaths were of the brachycephaly breeds, mostly bulldogs. The airlines almost all said the dogs died of underlying conditions worsened by the stress of flying, but c’mon.

Biscotti is about to be three, but what concerns me is he’ll be seven when our time in Germany will presumably over. Bulldogs life spans are 9-13 years, so on our way home he’ll sadly be considered elderly. I have an okay feeling about getting him there but as he gets older it just gets riskier. I would never forgive myself if something happened to him. Not to be dramatic but he IS the closest thing to a child I have at the moment.

So, Kyle and I have to be rational. Someone did put it to me this way: “He is like your chid and being a parent is full of making hard choices.” I guess thats when it came into perspective for me. I’m his dog-mom and I have to put his well being before my own. Now is certainly not a time to put my selfish needs of needing him before his need of being alive.

We cuddle all the time, go on walks, play, spend most of our days together. He’s a huge part of our lives and we could never leave him all together, “rehoming” him isn’t something either of us want or feel comfortable with. Putting him on a plane, a known flight risk, with a chance of death, doesn’t make me comfortable either.

We have come up with an alternative. My parents, god bless their souls, have decided to help us in an alternative way.

Biscotti will be going to live with them for the next four years. It isn’t my favorite idea because ideally I want my baby WITH me and I DONT want to miss his best years. But, he does know them and their house (they have a yard he loves) and he’ll most importantly be safe. We still want established that he is still our dog and we will still be financially taking care of his food, shots and whatever else he needs.

After, this alternative solution I have finally gotten my appetite back. Knowing he is safe and loved takes some of this stress off my shoulders.

Even though, we got him figured out we still had to make decisions about Kona Berry.

At first, we thought all thirteen pounds of her would sit well in coach with us. But, that would be easy and my life has been nothing but since we found out we were moving.

Turns out my little terrier got screwed over by her long legs. Depending on the airline she is either 3-5.5 inches too tall to fit under the seat. She would fly in cargo except Texas is a land of eternal summer and it is too hot for her to fly already. So, she will be spending the summer with Biscotti at grandmas aka my parents house. Only until it is below 80 degrees, then she will be joining us in Germany.

I’ve started to stress less and am trying to just be grateful for my parents, which I am. It’s just easy to forget your blessings when your focused on everything thats going wrong, which it just feels like it has been.

I’m not taking it easy though, last month when I was in AZ for only two weeks, I had nightmares that my dogs forgot who I was or something happened to them. FOR TWO WEEKS I was gone and had these nightmares, I can only imagine what mess will become of me when I’m without them for months and years.


Something I hadn’t fully taken into consideration when getting a dog or any pet is the laws and conditions that come with it. I knew we couldn’t have an “aggressive” breed because our apartments made us aware of it, but I did not know that certain country don’t allow certain breeds, so if you or your spouse have a job with the chance of moving around look into all the possibilities so you don’t have to rehome them if the possibility arises. Also look into things like what breeds can fly, I never though anything of this but there is a list of embargoed pets, if thats an eventuality or something that could affect you. Not to say that this really could’ve kept me from getting Biscotti because a possibility is far from reality. We are going to Germany but we could’ve just as easily been transferred to Timbuktu and it wouldn’t have made a hell of a difference and I would’ve never gotten to know him.



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