Final Overseas Update: Part 5

This will be our last update, because as I type this we are sitting in a Firestone waiting room (free wifi yay!!!) to do some last minute car check up before we send it over to meet us in Germany and then we are off to the airport. We are currently looking forward to a flight just for the simple reason- we get to sleep. Right now we are literally running on Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and three hours of sleep. Yet, our lack of sleep has not been able to catch us up on everything we need to do.

This PCS has really tested us, last minute trips, last minute car tune ups, last minute problems galore. Everything that could’ve gone wrong and delay us has happened. So, at this point I am confident that we will come out of this smarter for the next move.

I can’t speak for Kyle, but I have a whirlwind of emotions. I couldn’t sleep last night because I’ve been putting off a panic attack for as long as humanly possible but, it was inevitable. I should’ve been put on anxiety meds just to deal with this move. Aside from that, I feel kind of scared. People ask all the time, ask all sorts of questions: “where?” “when?” “how long?” ect. but the new one I’ve gotten a lot of lately “are you scared?” or the even more carefully and persuasive phrase “aren’t you scared?” is it too brass to say “well, I wasn’t until you mentioned it”? Well, nevertheless I don’t respond to people like that, my momma raised me better. At first I couldn’t help but think “scared of what?” the terrorists? the distance? just plain scared of not being in my comfort zone? I can honestly say I didn’t feel scared until maybe this last week of planning. The reasons I’m scared haven’t fell into those categories though. Im scared our stuff will be stolen, arrive broken or go missing. I feel scared that I don’t know my way around because I hate feeling lost and I only just recently got the hang of driving in Texas. Im hesitant on making new friends, finding new places to shop and hang out. I’m not looking forward to being even further from friends and family. This whole experience has been eye opening.

You don’t realize how comfortable you get being in the same routine. In a way I couldn’t be happier to mix things up. But, I will rest much easier when we have a place to live, our stuff arrives and most importantly to me: our pup arrives!



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