Living the German Life

First of all happy (second favorite holiday of mine) independence day America!

That being said,  and second of all to everyone whose asked, YES WE LOVE GERMANY

I personally could not be happier to be living abroad and I LOVE THE WEATHER. It rains a lot, like at least several times a day on average, which sometimes is a pain when trying to sight see and take pictures but a little water spot on the lens never killed nobody (that I’m aware of) and the constant rain makes for some beautiful green scenery. My allergies aren’t as thrilled about that but now I’m on the right dose of allergy medication, I can really enjoy it.

A little personal update for us:

we met Trace Adkins after his USO concert! He just happens to be staying at the same hotel as us so of course we had to say hello and get a picture!

The USO also provided us with free tickets to see Paul McCartney! We love our USO!

we have moved into our house (see last post for details and pictures)

we still don’t have our internet set up (boo!) so if you need me I’ll be spending all my days between the library and base coffee shop (free wifi!) until further notice.

we have already traveled quite a bit, somewhere new each weekend and have no plans on stopping.

our other car got here last week, it took exactly 8 weeks as expected, we just need to register it and we’ll be set

our household goods is actually here as well! but would you believe they can’t deliver it to our home for three more weeks! Which to be frank, sucks! Meanwhile, we are getting by with the loaner furniture the base lets us use. Let me tell ya, the bed is like a brick, I sometimes think the floor would be more comfortable, my neck ache will vouch for me

Kyle & I celebrated six years of being together!

I applied for online college!

I still don’t have my German drivers license and I’ve been procrastinating it a lot

Kyle likes his job, he has to work one Saturday a month which will take some getting used to for both of us!

We both like/kinda love his new co-workers so far! Everyone is so nice and welcoming, we’ve already been to a BBQ and I have to say I look forward to many more, perhaps at our house once we get it a little more set up!

We went to our first German club with them too, which was an amazing experience!

We do a lot of grocery shopping at the local markets and I love it

German wine is the best and I’m in love

Only complaint so far: the electricity difference! Its been a real challenge to convert my hair accessories to 220v for the most part its been a replacement kind of change

We’ve only been here for two months and have already seen two additional countries, Luxembourg and Belgium and two local castles, and one castle in Luxembourg, our neighbors to the west.

heres a little preview of brussels!

Now, I think you are up to date on our last two months! I apologize for not being more diligent in updating you blog-fam but I swear I’ll improve!

I am wanting to make separate posts on our travels so if you ever find yourself abroad you can make a couple of pointers.. what do you think? If you don’t want to comment you can always e-mail me additional input and ideas at



2 thoughts on “Living the German Life

  1. Amy Stratton says:

    Such a cute post!! USO’s are amazing things and I am so jealous of your new life in Germany! Lol. Hope youre enjoying it, minus the electricity things! Also, happy anniversary!! You two are the cutest.


    Liked by 1 person

    • RachelDLSmith says:

      Thank you so much Amy! We are actually at the USO now it is such a life saver oversees when it takes crazy amounts of time to get internet & a nice way to meet new people! I love reading your blog as well!


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