Everything Happens for a Reason: Our German House Hunt

So, I know what your thinking.. “didn’t they like just move?’

Yes, kind reader, you are correct. But due to untimely circumstances or maybe perfectly timed circumstances, we are moving yet again.

We’ve been living in our historic guard tower for nearly three months now and for nearly three months we’ve been living without internet. For some reason, not to our knowledge the company who supplies internet here just can’t seem or at least can’t communicate the problem with our house. People have lived here before us, civilized people who had similar needs: internet. They all had it too, but for some mysterious reason, we cannot get to their level of sophistication and civilization. The company has been no help.. I understand that it is not as serious an issue here to most Germans. But, what I can’t understand is no one telling us whats going on or when they plan on resolving it. So, after much headaches and inconvenient drives from our house to base to use their free internet, we’ve finally had enough. Our landlord, a very kind business man, has gone on our behalf a half of dozen times to try and figure the problem out as well. He hit the same brick walls that we did.

Again, I know what your thinking.. “Why don’t you just try a different company?”

To which I’d half to tell you that things are just not like the states.. There is one provider for internet in the area we are in, even if we chose a different service provider, it would still be through the same internet provider, whom is where the problems lie..

But in what seems like a crap storm sprinkled with stress is some good news..

  1. Being the business man he is, our landlord has graciously let us out of our one year lease agreement.
  2. We got to go house hunting again, which is good because if you read the last house hunting post, you kind reader you, know that we did have some second thoughts on other things as well. Including a big second thought: we might need a second and third bedroom and not a bedroom and a half (which is what I like to call it) that we have now. Especially if even half of the people who say they’re going to visit me actually do AND ESPECIALLY IF we decide to have children while we are here, which is a pretty good possibility.

So, like my favorite saying goes: Everything Happens for a Reason!

If we hadn’t moved into this house

If we didn’t have internet problems

If we didn’t want kids

If we didn’t want guests

If we didn’t get this time

If we never had to stress

If we didn’t make countless trips to and from base

If our landlord wasn’t amazing

If… any of this stressful complicated mess didn’t happen.. we wouldn’t have found our dream house.. I MEAN DREAM HOUSE.. It is gorgeous and I can’t wait to show you all.

So, dear reader, if your life seems messy.. If things aren’t going as planned… Just remember that everything happens for a reason. If you can remember that and just have a little faith (if thats your thing) then maybe, just maybe, something even better is right around the corner waiting to catch you by complete surprise.

Housing options and decision to follow! ( I can’t wait to show you)



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