Baby Abroad

If I did everything when I meant to then this would’ve been done before I hit the fifth month in pregnancy, but then I just wouldn’t be me.

How we found out:

for most people, the missed period is a pretty soon and reliable indicator of pregnancy but for me, not so much. Ive never had regular periods (sorry if thats TMI, but if you can’t handle it then you should probably stop reading now) so that wasn’t any indication and it was also the primary reason I didn’t know I was pregnant until I was already nearly eight weeks.

The weekend before we had went to wienfest (a large wine festival in Germany) and I had a lot of wine (remember-I didn’t know I was pregnant) and the next morning I woke up hungover, I know you can already tell this is going to be such a sweet story to tell our kids. Then the next day my hangover still hadn’t gone away, same thing for three days, I obviously knew somewhere deep down that I wasn’t just hungover. It was a Wednesday and I was at work and on my break I was talking to my friend Katie, who is also pregnant, when I told her I was still nauseous she kept telling me to take a test, I was in some type of denial. The kind of denial where you already know deep down but just not ready for that to be your reality. Finally, after some pestering, I peed on a stick.

We were expecting the delivery of our furniture and house hold goods the next day. We knew we had to go to sleep in anticipation of the movers, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t wait until midnight to pee on that damn stick. You may have guessed it, but I didn’t stay in the room to look either. The anticipation killed me in another way, I kinda ran into the other room and laid down (I was still nauseous) and Kyle and I talked a lot about everything, this wasn’t a new subject to us but I could tell we were both nervous. Knowing that the little sticks results could change our lives.

It was 2 am, we needed to go to sleep, Kyle and I needed to know the results… I sent Kyle in to look at the results (it was one of those easy to read digital tests) because I’m nothing if not consistent.

It counts to say that this isn’t how i pictured finding out and it sure wasn’t where I expected to find out… I always imagined finding out before Kyle so I could surprise him in a cute way and having his reaction caught on video, well none of that happened. This kind of bothered me at first, mostly because I’m an over thinker and Ive thought about a lot of things that haven’t happened yet and how they would happen, but when he came out of the bathroom…

He walked out of the bathroom with this look on his face that I can’t even describe in its entirety but it was a combination of happiness and shock.

In the end I’m pretty glad that I get to keep that look all to myself.

I don’t think he even talked for what seemed like a million years, but in reality it was probably like two minutes. I think in the end I actually had to take the test and read it myself. But it really was great and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Yes, we were trying, kinda…

about a year before in June 2015, we decided to start trying to have kids…

this was before we had orders to move to Germany, before we knew we’d be there for four years, before any of these big life decisions seemed to change the idea that kids were a good idea right now.

It had been a year since I went off birth control and I just started to think that this might not happen for us. After a year of trying, we were already getting disappointed. Then once we got here, it really started to hit us that we were SO FAR away from family, which is a big deal to us. We thought about giving it a break, but we also wanted to get some tests done (our insurance only covers fertility testing once you’ve been trying a year) just in case we couldn’t have kids, we wanted to know sooner rather then later. So, all in all we were kinda on the fence trying, even though its going to be hard to be away from family, there is an upside to having a kid in Germany and that is they’ll be so enriched in language and culture, we won’t move again until they’re three or four so thats some memories they’ll get to keep and definitely great pictures to remind them when they’re older.

OB care in Germany

So, all our OB care and the delivery will be at a German Hospital with German care. I know a lot of people expected us to have our care and delivery at a military hospital, unfortunately at the base we are at (not sure about other overseas bases) that is not an option. But fortunately, my experience with German OB & care has been great so far.

So, not only is this my first baby, first OB experience, first everything but I also get to have all those first in a German hospital with German doctors and German OBGYN care.

That being said, I have no prior experience to compare this to.

My Doctors are all around great, having been hospitalized twice, Ive had the opportunity to meet every single one on staff. The nurses are all great too, I have yet to have a bad experience. They all are great, but only one doctor and one nurse speak english. When I say “speak english” I mean, like kinda speak english, its hard to explain but it just enough to get by. As for the rest, they speak no english really and its either hand gestures, or a translator and by “translator” I mean someone else on staff that speaks just a little bit more english. So, the language barrier is difficult but they’re all just as knowledgable as I imagine American doctors are. The care is great, I’ve never been hospitalized before but when i was here they were so great at taking care of me, they took all my pain seriously and offered multiple ways to help, when medicine didn’t work for me they changed it, it was really excellent care. Here they tend to favor herbal medicine practices, so thats been interesting, its really helpful when your sick and can’t take any of the regular medicine, for risks associated to the baby. Different teas and herbal medicine has been new to me but they seem to work well.




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