Baby, we’re half way there


In the fifth month of pregnancy already, the days are already long but the months still seem short. Its hard for either Kyle or I to believe that we are already so close to meeting our baby.

The 1%

I’ve been hospitalized twice in the short time I’ve been pregnant, turns out I have hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness that less then 1% of pregnant women get. In my case, my morning sickness is 24/7 constant and the throwing up comes with profuse eye watering, nose bleeding (you read that right) and sometimes when I throw up and have nothing on my stomach I throw up stomach bile which in turn causes very sore throat. Along with these things, the act itself is excruciatingly painful, it feels as though my insides are being rung out. These things cause me not to be able to eat or stay hydrated, which is dangerous especially while growing another human, hence the hospitalization so that I can get medicated and hydrated through an IV. It was at the end of the second stay we had an ultrasound to make sure mini smith was still doing well so I could be discharged, it was then we were told the gender.. or at least thats what we thought.

This is going to be a “funny story” some time in the future, but we were originally told that our baby was a boy (our doctor told us with 99% confidence), Kyle and I had a gender reveal party where we found out and we along with our family members already started buying boy clothes and boy things when we had our follow up appointment at 18 weeks. It was then that we were told, that our baby was measuring smaller and much shorter then expected, we were kind of worried, Kyle is after all 6’3″. At the appointment, the baby was in complete breach position and we were unable to get a good second read of femur and unable to confirm the gender, so we had to come back the next week. The doctor was looking for a reason for the short femur and it was then that he said “I’ve found the reason…. and you have nothing to worry about.” Of course being an expectant mother comes with its own set of worries and hearing that something could be wrong, never helps. We were sitting there waiting quite awkwardly when he said “because its a girl” and I think our jaws were on the floor. He apologized, he swore this never happens to him and then left to consult the nurses. Between the two of us, Kyle was actually the one that wanted a girl more, so he was very happy and as happy as I was, I was equally shocked. Again, there was a 1% chance he was wrong because of his certainty. Turns out this almost never happens, more often then not the parents will be told girl when in fact its a boy, because its easier to not see something thats there then see something that isn’t. If you didn’t follow that, lets just say it like it is, the doctors can  miss seeing a penis but its rare that they see a penis that isn’t there. Of course this begs the question, “what did the doctor see?”

Of course, it was early in the pregnancy to be looking for the gender. I can’t stress this enough- I didn’t want to know yet and I didn’t pressure the doctor at all. The entire time the gender was in the envelope before the gender reveal party, I wasn’t even anxious to know. This actually isn’t weird for me, turns out I can get strangely calm about high pressure events and other things, something that I’m learning about myself over the years. I wouldn’t want to be in the dark about the gender for the entire pregnancy because I do love to plan and shop, but I just wasn’t in a rush.

The best the doctor could tell me, or at least the best I could understand because of the language barrier, is that the clitoris in the ultrasound is dark and can be mistaken for the penis at the early stages of pregnancy, but when the 18th week came and the testes haven’t decended it became more obvious that it wasn’t a boy and it showed more the visual, on the ultrasound it shows as three white lines, that its a girl. The absence of testes and the short femur had the doctor double checking the gender (though it needed to be confirmed anyhow, especially since it ended up being wrong) and thats when we found out.

Now, at 20 weeks, Ive had another ultrasound today and saw the white lines myself and can say she is all girl.

In other news…

We do have a few top name choices but haven’t settled on one yet.

We started buying girl clothes and some decor for her room.

Im measuring five days behind but the due date is still April 21st

If she’s born in April she’ll be the only other living family member with an April birthday other than myself

despite not taking a prenatal nor eating a lot (or any) meat, my iron is above average and all my other important levels are good

meat is my number one food aversion- I always throw it up

I’ve lost almost 20 lbs since getting pregnant due to the HG

I then regained almost one pound ๐Ÿ™‚



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