Winter in Germany

Thought I might take a minute from writing about pregnancy (it’s hard not to share though 😉 to share some of our winter time thoughts! Kyle and I were both born and raised in Arizona, which can have four seasons, despite the common misconception that it’s an oven 365 days a year. We’ve both seen snow, it even snowed in our hometown on Christmas this year! Having said that, the winters were never really bad, none of the seasons are. I guess when you get four seasons they tend to not be very extreme, at least they aren’t in our case!

That is not the case here in western Germany! We got here just in time for summer this last year and it rained more days then it didn’t! As soon as you thought you had it figured out and were equipt in a rain jacket and rain boots the weather would switch up and give you one really stinking hot day! I wish winter was the same in the respect of only having one stinking cold day! Not the case here.. starting in October it got very cold, probably around the 40°’sF or so and it’s only gotten colder since. From the end of November to now I’d say it’s mostly 32°F or less. Our car is in metric system now so that’s what I go by and it’s been as low as -14°C/6°F or so and that’s what it’s been most mornings and it’s just now getting back up to 0°C/ 32°F. 


That being said, it’s only snowed twice! Other days there would be frost but no snow. So, as I like to say we are freezin’ for no reason! I love winter and think it’s so beautiful when and only when it’s snowing! Otherwise it’s just a pain in the butt to scrap your car and freeze your buns off for no snowy white gratification!

The thing about it being below freezing all day and night long, is once we got snow it’s stayed for what seems like forever! Can be a little annoying but on the bright side it gave us primo opportunity to take some impromptu maternity pictures! 

Here’s to hoping our summer weather makes up for this long and mostly dry winter! Xo


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