35 weeks• the final stretch

It feels like time has flown by and dragged on at the same time, if you’ve ever been pregnant I think you’ll know what I mean. 
We have come such a far way since the beginning of the third trimester and dare I say we are nearly ready for Girl! But I’d like for her to stay in until her due date since I’m scheduled to work until a couple days before it. 

Done & Done:

✔️ baby classes

✔️ hospital tour

✔️ baby shower 

✔️ schedule newborn photos

✔️ resign from job (unfortunately, but that’s a whole other story)

✔️ plan birthday trip (for me) if I’m still pregnant (my birthday is exactly two weeks before due date)

To Do:

•Maternity Photographs: this weekend!

•Pack hospital bag!

•Make padcicles: if you don’t know you probably don’t want to know

•Pack diaper bag(s)

•Finish Canvas (for her room)

•Finish my birth plan (I know it’s not set in stone) 

•Fill out German Birth certificate application & so so so much more paperwork!

•PICK OUT A NAME (she’s still a Jane Doe)

The only thing I’m not going to get to do but have always wanted to is the Lamaze classes, but I feel ready anyway, that’s probably SO naive of me..
She’ll be here in five short weeks or less wether we are ready or not so we are doing everything on our end to make sure we are 🙂


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