Bump Day

Since it’s a Wednesday & the day before I’m considered by some health care professionals as full term at 38 weeks, I thought it was a good time to reflect on the progress of this bump. From being the size of a beet at 14 weeks & when I took my first “bump” picture to the size of a Winter melon at 37 weeks; here it is in pictures. 

As you can see from 14 to 25 weeks she slowly started growing and coming out from hiding. 

Right at about 26 weeks is when she really popped! And from then on finally started sticking out past my boobs, thank goodness! Before then I just felt fat! Lol

From 34 weeks to this week! My belly button finally popped out and now we are nearing the end of her journey as a bump!

At first, I tried to have all my bump pictures to be taken in the same place and with a board and all that but between being sick and never knowing where my chalk paint marker was & just plain ‘ol bad timing it didn’t work out that way, maybe next pregnancy I’ll be better 😉

Disclaimer: not all bump pictures are taken on the exact day that the week changed, I’m just not that organized and wasn’t always up to it! But when I went through all my pictures I tried to just label it with which ever week it was in or closest to so if there’s a discrepancy I apologize but you get the idea! Especially towards the end I got better about remembering because in the beginning I felt like there wasn’t much to get a picture of and looking back I wish I didn’t have that mentality but I can’t change that now!


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