Lost in the Pink Woods: a Nursery

Our due date is tomorrow so I suppose its about damn time to show off our girls nursery!

Every sweet girl needs a sweet nursery. The best part about designing her room was actually starting from scratch and having a blank slate, all the more reason to get new things! Kyle and I decided to go with a woodland theme from the very beginning, back when we didn’t know the gender from thinking she was a boy to finding out she was really a girl; the theme has been our only constant. When we did find out she was a girl, I made a couple adjustments. Firstly, the mountains were going to be shades of grey but now I wanted something a little crazier and more girly. Secondly, I decided who was to say unicorns weren’t in the woods and therefore woodland creatures. Once revised, we got to work and little by little collected what we needed before it all came together.

This was the vision board we went off of. All the pictures are from the internet.



looking at it I’m sure you’d never guess that I used to hate the color pink, but after I found out we were having a girl it grew on me like crazy.

First point of action was the paint. The navy blue wall had to go, luckily our landlord gave us the go ahead to paint it… (the other walls were already grey)


I freehanded the mountains and Kyle of course helped me color them in.


next was the crib, we had very limited options overseas. This particular one wasn’t my first, second or even my third choice but it was the only choice as it is the only while American sized crib I could get my hands on.


The mobile was the last touch to go into this room, I made it out of things at the base craft store and IKEA clearance bin.


moving onto next wall, we did already have the three by three organizer so it made sense to repurpose it because babies come with a lot of gear and we could use the extra organization. The prints are from a shop on Etsy (I was especially thrilled by the flowers on their heads) and we printed and framed them at a store here. This unicorn, oh goodness look at this unicorn! From pottery barn kids, makes a great addition to our woodland creatures.



I painted the canvas with same paint colors to play off the other wall.



Apothecary jars for cute additional organization and the frame is still blank, Im not sure yet what Ill put in it; whether its maternity or newborn pictures…



Rocking chairs are from IKEA. I wanted to have two so that Kyle and I could be in there comfortably together, the wood floors aren’t very comfortable even with the rug and now we can all hangout together.


Bunnies and bunny pillow is from Depot store here in Germany

Vases, Frames, white fuzzy blanket thing, stuffed bunny, side table and chairs are from IKEA

“My happy place”, other pillow & old fashion milk bottles are from Target

Bear mat is from Pottery Barn Kids



A couple things have changed since I took the pictures, my dad made me a wooden deer that got a new spot on the wall and I’ve moved a couple things around. Its very unsatisfying to have everything finished before your nesting mode is in full effect but things could be much worse 🙂


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