9 days postpartum 

Since I was 9 days overdue before our girl decided to make her appearance, I thought it was only appropriate to do a 9 day postpartum update. One day I might share our birth story but I’m not sure I’m quite ready to put it into words yet, to say the least it wasn’t what we expected and we are just happy to have her here. 

As far as our girl she is doing really great, nine days have never looked so good. But we are completely biased. 

And as for my recovery, I’m doing really well. Better then I expected I would. The biggest changes for me have been: 

* This is the first week in seven months I have been able to eat without needing to take medication to keep the food down

* That being said all my food aversions have gone away (yay)

* After five days I was back to my prepregnancy weight and now I’m almost back to my prepregnancy shape (thanks to my belly bandit)

* I take showers now! Gasp! Fun fact: when I first started getting sick I would throw up every time I took a shower so I started exclusively taking bubble baths now that I’ve had her I’m on strict instructions from my doctor to not take any more baths due to risk of infection so now I have to exclusively take showers for six weeks. My how the tables have turned. At first I swore I forgot how to shower its been so long. 

*my body is still sore but I’m doing my physical therapy every day and I feel close to having control of my stomach muscles again

*Breast feeding is going really well, there’s definitely a learning curve and we are still getting the hang of it but I’m very optimistic that it will work out well for us. 

* I have yet to cry, like at all. It’s actually scary to me but I’m just so happy and amazed that I made this perfect little human being. I’m sure it’ll catch up to me and I’ll be sobbing like my girl does every time she gets a diaper change in no time. 

Left: 9 days past due date Right: 9 days Postpartum


One thought on “9 days postpartum 

  1. Valerie says:

    Aww, congratulations! Glad you’re feeling so much better, the end of hard pregnancies is bliss!! I had kidney stones with my last and I was oh, so glad to be done once she was born! 😃


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