A Parisian Christmas

Hello and Merry Christmas (if you’re into that kinda thing) from my family to yours.




This year (like all our Christmas’ except one) we chose to opt out of gift giving in favor of a bigger vacation. Traveling on or for Christmas has become a tradition in the Smith family now for four years, with the exception of last year when my family came to visit us, yet still we haven’t spent Christmas in the same state or place; and I for one, really enjoy it. You just can’t put a gift tag or price on the experiences you get traveling to somewhere forgein or familiar.


This year we chose: Paris, France.

Paris is a short (que sarcasm) four hour drive from us, if you fail to remember the drudged traffic. So more like a six hour drive.

Paris is an overall beautiful city, but I don’t think we’d need to see it twice.
We hit all the main tourism attractions:

The Eiffel Tower & Christmas Markets

We stayed a block from the Eiffel Tower so we visited multiple times, there we happened upon a Christmas market that we weren’t expecting so pleasant to our surprise and first night in the city, we had some great French favorites, from Raclettes to Nutella anything, but especially Nutella churros.

The Louvre

My favorite part was the Louvre. It’s worth saying, that I don’t love every museum I walk into, just most of them. The Louvre was no exception. Though you could spend many weeks and countless hours and still not get enough time to appreciate everything for as long as you’d like, we didn’t have that kind of time so we concentrated our time on joint interests, like Greek and Roman antiquities, and of course seeing the ‘main attraction’ the Mona Lisa. If art interests you in the least bit, any time spent here would be well spent. Kyle and I aren’t the most serious people so that added a level of laughter and creativity to our time there.

The Catacombs

Another interesting site to see is the catacombs of Paris, where over six million people are, for the lack of a better word, stacked underground. A solution for the 19th century two pronged problem: old limestone mines caving in the city streets and overcrowded cemeteries. It was definitely a cool experience and very eerie feeling to see so many nameless bodies.

The Notre Dame

One of the most breathtaking, as most cathedrals are, attractions we saw was the Notre Dame. Now there are many Notre Dames‘, it’s literal translation means “our lady” and is used in many names. The one in Paris is though the most well known and recognized from many pop culture references, such as, the ‘Huntchback of Notre Dame’. We went in the evening so we didn’t get to go inside but standing outside was enough to take your breath away.

Disneyland Paris

We also went to Disneyland Paris, we were fortunate enough to get some free tickets through our base here so on one day we took the metro, and had ears full of fun (if you will). Turns out there’s not much you can do while pregnant, while I figured that, our tickets expire before the babies born so we figured what the hell and went anyway. Even so, there’s not a shortage of things to do. Honestly, we could’ve spent all day there just window shopping and eating the Disney movie themed food. But we didn’t have to, we got to see the Christmas parade, tree lighting, an interactive movie and a couple of shows. The only ride that was safe to ride while pregnant was the ‘it’s a small world ride’ which is full of nostalgic memories for me, so it was still special although not necessarily thrilling. I, being the sweet wife I am, offered to wait in lines with Ky and let him ride it; after all, it’s not completely his fault I’m pregnant, completely. But he, being the considerate guy he is, declined. All in all, it was just a treat to experience Disney with my Prince Charming.

We thoroughly enjoyed our first Christmas holiday in Europe and I hope y’all did to, wherever you celebrated.

Now tell me, what are some of your holiday traditions?